Pune: Thermax Ltd has signed a technology transfer licence agreement with Lambion Energy Solutions, a German engineering company with expertise in converting waste to energy. The agreement was signed by Mr Hemant Mohgaonkar, Executive Vice-President, Thermax, and Mr Axel Lambion, Managing Director, Lambionis. It is valid for five years.

The technology transfer will provide Thermax with high efficiency combustion systems for using biomass that is high in moisture content for energy generation. These will be integrated in boilers and heaters with heat output ranging from 4 MW to 30 MW.

Thermax will have an exclusive licence to market heating systems, equipped with the new technology in India and SAARC countries, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Though Thermax has been offering its clients biomass-based equipment for energy generation for three decades. The technology upgrade will equip it with advanced systems to provide industry eco-friendly ways of extracting energy from waste.

Mr M.S. Unnikrishnan, Managing Director and CEO, Thermax, said, “The new technology infusion will reinforce our product offerings in the area of green energy.”

For Lambion the partnership offers an opportunity to promote its expertise in new markets.

 Source: The Hindu Business Line


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